Early season heat wave: temperatures of mid to upper 90s

Early season heat wave: temperatures of mid to upper 90s
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POSTED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 3:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 6:22pm

With the threat of high heat on the way in south Louisiana, make sure you’re prepared for this week’s heat wave.

Our forecast calls for unseasonably warm temperatures with little relief overnight. High temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 90s. Heat indices could approach 105 degrees.

The mid summer heat should arrive by Wednesday and is expected to last through the weekend.

If you work outdoors, please make sure you take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated so you don’t suffer from a heat related illness.

Lightweight, light colored clothing helps to keep your body temperature near normal by reflecting the sun’s rays. Just be aware, that heat disorders can attack very quickly especially in southern Louisiana. We have a bad combination of elevated temperatures and high humidity levels.

If outside and you don’t feel like yourself, symptoms for a heat related illness include dizziness, nausea, cramping, heavy sweating, and headaches. If you suffer from any of these conditions, make sure to take a break immediately and sip some water. If symptoms continue, make sure to call a doctor.

Heat Wave Safety Tips

Slow down

  • Strenuous activities should be reduced, eliminated, or rescheduled to the coolest time of the day. Individuals at risk should stay in the coolest available place, not necessarily indoors.

Dress for summer

  • Lightweight light-colored clothing reflects heat and sunlight, and helps your body maintain normal temperatures.

Eat healthy foods

  • Foods (like proteins) that increase metabolic heat production also increase water loss.

Drink plenty of water or other non-alcohol fluids

  • Your body needs water to keep cool. Drink plenty of fluids even if you don’t feel thirsty.

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