Weather Talk

Isaac's slow march

Isaac continues to push inland, downgraded to a tropical storm. The storm's assault has been relentless.

New emergency response mobile unit to assist hurricane-affected areas

Apex Freight Services has deployed its new Emergency Response Mobile Logistics Unit to support businesses and government agencies in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

Hurricane Isaac - Current conditions

UPDATED 8:00 p.m. Meteorologist Kyle Myers brings you the latest on Isaac as it drenches the Capitol City.

Isaac, 'terrible, determined, and nasty,' pounds Gulf

Hurricane Isaac's relentless lashing of the Gulf Coast flooded streets and homes in part of Louisiana Wednesday as the slow-moving storm threatened to keep churning for another day.

Governor Jindal updates status of the state during Hurricane Isaac

Governor Bobby Jindal is holding a press conference in Baton Rouge to update on the current conditions around the state. NBC33 is carrying the press conference live. We will post the full press conference here at its conclusion.

Update on Hurricane Isaac's progress

As the sun is begriming to rise in New Orleans we're getting a since of the damage as Hurricane Isaac rips through with strong wind and rains. 

Hurricane Isaac slams into the Louisiana coast

Hurricane Isaac is coming ashore with a fury. Vicious winds and heavy rain are barreling down on coastal cities in four different states. The storm is knocking down trees and taking out power lines.

Obama urges those in path of Hurricane Isaac to heed official warnings

Cities along the Gulf Coast are feeling the affects of Hurricane Isaac. Waves battered the walls meant to keep water off low lying roads as Isaac pushed its way through the gulf Tuesday.

NBC33 Live Isaac coverage: Baton Rouge

NBC33 Meteorologist Kyle Myers and reporter Rachel Rollar are in Baton Rouge, where the wind gusts are getting greater and the rain is beginning to fall.

UPDATE: Levee 'overtopped' in Plaquemines Parish, will be breached to relieve pressure

UPDATE: The levee in Plaquemines Parish will be breached to relieve pressure on it, according to state officials.

NBC33 Live Isaac coverage: Energy Outages

Many residents of Lousiana are reporting energy outages across the state. NBC33's Brix Fowler has more on these outages, and what companies are doing to fix these outages.

NBC33 Live Isaac coverage: New Orleans

NBC33's Neeha Curtis is in New Orleans on Canal Street, where Isaac is drenching the city with its downpours.

Storm reaches hurricane strength, expected to dump dangerous amounts of rain on Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Forecasters expect the storm to make landfall late tonight into early Wednesday morning, with New Orleans straight in its cross-hairs.

NBC33 Live Isaac coverage: Houma

NBC33's Alex Deiro is in Houma at the Municipal Auditorium, where about 200 people have taken shelter. Houma is feeling the effects of Hurricane Isaac.

NBC33 Live Isaac coverage: GOHSEP

Local officials are surely keeping a close eye on Isaac today. We continue our team coverage at the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.