Weather Talk

Massive storm's effects felt across the eastern seaboard

Millions are without power and at least ten people are dead as the remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to make pummel the Northeast.

Flights & trains canceled, schools, offices & Wall Street closed as Sandy bears down

Hurricane Sandy is hammering the East Coast, with major cities from Washington to Boston under the gun.

Hurricane Sandy bears down on the Northeast coast

Hurricane Sandy is barreling toward the Northeast with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. The powerful storm has picked up speed and is expected to make landfall sometime tonight in southern New Jersey.

Local catering company sends employees to help with Hurricane Sandy efforts

Almost 100 employees from a local catering company have headed to the northeast to assist with Hurricane Sandy efforts.

Crane partially collapses, dangles over New York street

A crane atop a luxury Manhattan skyscraper under construction partly collapsed Monday, leaving its arm precariously perched and hanging over West 57th Street.

Forceful winds & high waves hit beaches as Hurricane Sandy approaches

Across the Northeast a rising tide is sending violent waves crashing down on coastal communities as Hurricane Sandy pushes closer towards shore. In Ordley Beach, New York the waters are already uncomfortable close to homes.

Frenzied preparations as East Coast braces for possible 'superstorm'

Got your bottled water? Food? Sandbags? Batteries? Toilet paper?

Winter weather outlook released today

Federal meteorologists are putting a big question mark over what to expect this winter in the Northeast, but for much of the country they're predicting a drier and and warmer winter that could intensify the drought.

When autumn leaves fall

A new crispness in the air. The red, orange and yellow of the leaves changing colors. The crunch of the first few leaves on the ground.

Two tornadoes hit New York City as severe weather lashes region

Severe weather barreled across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic on Saturday as a powerful cold front brought heavy rain, high winds and at least one tornado into a beachfront neighborhood of New York City.

Oil on the coast prompts action, emergency closures from state agencies

Oil related issues are washing up along Louisiana beaches. From wildlife found injured and covered in oil, to tar balls on the shore, officials are keeping their eye on the coast.

After Isaac, Louisiana and Mississipi residents face dangerous heat conditions

As more residents in southern Louisiana return home after Hurricane Isaac, many must now contend with a new obstacle: rebuilding their lives amid blistering temperatures and no air conditioning.

Isaac erosion reveals remains of Civil War-era ship on Alabama beach

Hurricane Isaac has unearthed a mystery on the Alabama shore. Locals say the mystery ship dates back to the Civil War era.

Water covers Livingston Parish; curfew remains in place

Livingston Parish is suffering from serious flooding issues and the water is still pushing in to the area.

DOTD: Priority routes set for evacuation in Tangipahoa Parish

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has developed a list of priority routes which they will strive to quickly and safely reopen to facilitate evacuation efforts in Tangipahoa Parish.