LSU criminologist discusses growing crime rates in Baton Rouge

Friday, June 18, 2010 - 9:33am

Baton Rouge police say more crime could be on the way. Our Shawn Brooks spoke to a criminologist at LSU to find out why criminal activity has been on the rise.

Dr. Ed Shihadeh has been at LSU for awhile. He says one of the biggest factors in the rise in crime is the recession. Dr. Shihadeh is debunking the myth that a rise in temperatures equals a rise in crime. Shihadeh says, “the heat is not a big factor in rise in murder rates.”

He says instead of blaming the summer weather for the spike in crime, we should take a look at the economy. According to reports, Baton Rouge has the fifth highest murder rate in the country and Shihadeh thinks things are only going to get worse.

Although crime may be a problem in the Capital City, Dr. Shihadeh says the odds of becoming a victim of crime are fairly low. Shihadeh goes on the say that by encouraging education and raising employment rates in the inner city there would be a decrease in crime.

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