Too many refund checks

Monday, September 6, 2010 - 6:12pm

$30,000 tax payer dollars were paid out by mistake. It's another bump in the road for the Office of Motor Vehicles and State Police because of the derailed drivers license fee increase.

Legislatures decided the fee was not warranted this spring, and 300,000 refund checks, $15 each, were mailed out in August. About 2,100 of those people registered for drivers licenses online, and were not charged the higher price. But the online users were mailed a refund anyway. It's a glitch that can't be called back, and now State Police are asking Louisiana residents to do the right thing, and send back those checks.

To see if you should have received a refund check or not, call the Office of Motor Vehicles at 225-926-6146.

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