West Feliciana Parish School Board Superintendent recovering after heart attack

Superintendent Hollis Milton suffered a heart attack on October 23, 2014, the West Feliciana Parish School Board reports.

DOE report card says BR area schools are improving

Every school district in the Baton Rouge area has improved over the past year.

Louisiana RSD students' personal info may be in danger of hack

Hundreds of Recovery School District students' personal information may have been compromised this weekend after a state surplus equipment auction.

Lousiana will receive $137K to reduce Asbestos

Large amounts of Asbestos in Louisiana schools has prompted the E-P-A to send money our way to better monitor the poison.

ADD diagnosis might not be so bad after all

(CNN) -- It's widely known that Asian cultures put a high level of importance on intelligence. In many Asian families, parents expect their kids to perform well in school and eventually go on to university.

'Our Louisiana 2020': New plan aims to grow community colleges

Some big changes are coming for community and technical colleges across our state. Wednesday, the system's board of supervisors all voted on a plan that's meant to make a huge impact.

The link between cancer and obesity

(CNN) -- You likely know that being overweight increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But did you know it also increases your risk for cancer?

LSU gets new 30-foot Christmas tree

Christmas is still a ways away, but LSU is getting ready a little early this year.

LSU's Board of Supervisors approves revised hospital plans

The LSU Board of Supervisors held a special meeting today to make sure six of its hospitals are protected. It's so they can still serve the people who rely on them every day.

Veteran AZ teacher fired for actions while defending bullied student

Pam Aister spent 25 years as a teacher in the Fountain Hills Unified School District. Monday night, she lost her job as a fourth-grade teacher at Four Peaks Elementary School.