All About Animals

BREC Zoo receives protected trumpeter swan from Alaska

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo announced the arrival of a juvenile male trumpeter swan.

A look inside CAA: taking care of Baton Rouge's most vulnerable animals

The Companion Animal Alliance runs the animal shelter for East Baton Rouge Parish. The controversial group has made big changes to how things are run at the shelter. Their goal is to help save as many animals as they can.

NC apartments will test DNA of dog poop to punish bad owners

A couple of apartment complexes in Jacksonville, North Carolina are cracking down on pet owners who don't pick up after their pooches in a high-tech way using DNA.

Feral hogs costing the state millions each year: local hunters lend a helping hand

WARNING: The video footage may be considered graphic for some viewers. They are big, aggressive, loud and dangerous. With over 500 thousand feral hogs across Louisiana, they are becoming a problem that's plaguing our state.

Animal shelter wants you to 'Have A Heart' for dogs with heartworms

A new pet adoption campaign, encouraging potential pet owners to adopt dogs that have tested positive for heartworms, was launched in Baton Rouge on February 1.

AZ: 36-pound cat needs to lose weight before 9 lives are up

Meatball is so much more than the average kitty.

Alexandria police arrest 13-year-old seen abusing puppy in Facebook video

Alexandria Police charged a 13-year-old juvenile from Alexandria on Monday with one count of Cruelty to Animals after a video the boy posted on his Facebook page went viral.

BREC Zoo Tigers named Denver and Seattle predict Super Bowl XLVIII winner

We've all heard of animals who predict who's going to win the Super Bowl, like most recently Eli the Ape from Salt Lake City who predicted the Seahawks will take home the trophy.

TX Cow gets prosthetic legs after frostbite

Advances in prosthetics have improved the quality of life for millions of people who have lost limbs.

MN: Dog sled marathon finally has cold weather & snow

Excitement; it's a three syllable word that barely describes the mood at the start of the 30th annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.