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Houston SPCA removes nearly 130 cats from home, one decomposing

The Houston SPCA removed nearly 130 cats, including the decomposing body of one, from a home in northwest Harris County on Thursday.

Cats and caretakers gearing up for 41st annual cat show

One show is taking the term cat walk to a whole different level.

MA family rescues deer stuck in fence

A deer rescue was captured on camera after a family in Attleboro, Massachusetts woke up to quite the surprise Sunday morning. Grant Kelley, 7, was the first to see it.

Dutch foundation lets Giraffe kiss dying caretaker goodbye

Just a forewarning: You're about to cry all over your keyboard. We did when we saw the photo above, which shows a giraffe nuzzling a man through an enclosure window.

Scientists: New dinosaur species 'chicken from hell'

For a Tyrannosaurus rex looking for a snack, nothing might have tasted quite like the "chicken from hell."

Ohio SPCA rescues 6 horses abandoned by owners in winter

Six emaciated horses are being cared for in Grove City, Ohio after rescue workers say they were left outside, uncared for, during the harsh winter.

Utah man adopts dog that saved his life in Afghanistan

On May 9, 2010, John Logie, his body full of shrapnel, was loaded into a helicopter and flown from Afghanistan to Germany after being injured by an improvised explosive device.

199 animals rescued from accused hoarder's home in Boston

Animal welfare officials are reporting one of the largest hoarding situations in Massachusetts they've seen in years. Nearly 200 animals were rescued from a house in Lynnfield.

OR: 2 bald eagles spend hours stuck together in tree

(KGW) Two bald eagles were stuck together in a tree in Portland, Oregon for several hours before violently separating themselves and flying away Monday afternoon.

Parakeet survives vacuum cleaner

A banged up and bruised parakeet is back it home with its family after a ride in a vacuum cleaner. Birdie's owner, Marie Margarone, was using her industrial vacuum when she accidentally sucked up the bird.