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CAA: 'We are swimming in puppies and kittens'

Officials with the Companion Animal Alliance say they're having a problem with more pets coming to the shelter.

Class teaches how to save pets and people during disaster

When a disaster happens sometimes animals need to be saved too.

Pet owners increasingly choose hospice care for their furry family members

Pet owners are increasingly choosing not to take their old or sick animals to the veterinarian. Instead, they let the vet come to them. 

MD transportation officials create new nesting area for osprey living on traffic camera

Maryland transportation officials have installed a nesting platform for a persistent osprey who built nests that blocked traffic cameras by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Dozens of cats, dogs taken from 2 TX houses owned by alleged animal hoarder

Animal services officials in Wichita Falls, Texas say of the 80 or so dogs and cats taken Wednesday and Friday from two homes owned by the same man, 23 had to be euthanized and most are in bad health.

NJ dog receives jury summons

A New Jersey man considers his German Shepherd a member of his family and maybe even a member of the community. But he wasn't prepared to send her off for jury duty when a summons arrived

Rescued eaglet flies free in Cape Coral, FL

An eaglet is back in it's nest after falling out Monday night. It happened near the BMX Park in Cape Coral, Florida.

7 Chimpanzees find way to escape Kansas City Zoo!

A group of seven chimpanzees at the Kansas City Zoo got the briefest taste of freedom on Thursday afternoon, before being lured back into their enclosure with a more familiar taste: dinner and dessert.

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo announces new baby Colobus monkey

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is excited to announce the arrival yet another new baby Colobus monkey, born in the late afternoon on April 4. The baby is now on exhibit with its mother, father and sister.

Back in the wild one bald eagle's journey

A symbol of freedom is back soaring thanks to the LSU Vet School. Javier Nevarez, DVM, associate professor with the Vet School released a bald eagle he helped heal.