Louisiana Politics

Election day brings out dozens of voters to EAHS

Saturday is election day for a lot of you, and our cameras went to one of the voting locations to check out the turnout.

Should marijuana be legal in Louisiana?

Proposals to legalize marijuana have turned into a hot button issue in both state and federal government. But a local Louisiana lawmaker is pushing for this choice to be left to us, the voters.

Local Artist Methodically Restores the Senate Chamber Ceiling

In the 1500's Italy portrayed what was in the mind of God through the use of Michaelangelo's hands; in the Sistine Chapel. In South Louisiana we have George Stuart, a local legend, who has painted everything from dozens of restaurances, malls, and

The 2016 executive budget is here.

The presentation of the 2016 executive budget is nowhere close to the finish line. If anything, legislators have a lot of work to look forward to.

The Louisiana budget: What are the best options?

Louisiana, we need to talk. You have a spending problem. It’s leading to budget cuts in state offices, health care and higher education. How did you let yourself get this bad?

Louisiana Senators react to President’s Keystone Pipeline veto

Louisiana Congressional members, David Vitter and Bill Cassidy, react to President Obama’s Keystone Pipeline veto. Vitter: Obama Keystone Veto is Political Spite

Winter weather closes state offices in 42 parishes

Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols decided to shut down state government officies in 42 parishes on February 24, 2015. 

Louisiana’s film tax credit: to be or not to be?

Louisiana’s motion picture tax credit is either a great thing for the state, or it's a waste of tax dollars depending on who you ask.

Former governor Edwin Edwards pursues a career in real estate

Former four-term governor Edwin Edwards is pursing his real estate broker's license. The 87-year-old says he practiced a bit of real estate before but his license has been inactive and he has to renew it.

Sen. Cassidy Senator Cassidy introduces the Veteran EMT Support Act

There’s no way to sugar-coat it. All over the nation, there is a growing need for more certified emergency medical technicians.