Saints grab DE Cameron Jordan and RB Mark Ingram in first round of NFL Draft

Saints grab DE Cameron Jordan and RB Mark Ingram in first round of NFL Draft

POSTED: Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 11:13pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 29, 2011 - 12:27am

The Saints drafted Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram in the first round of the NFL draft. New Orleans selected Jordan, the defensive end from Cal with the 24th overall selection. . The Saints then made a trade with the New England Patriots and drafted Mark Ingram out of Alabama with the 28th overall pick.

The Saints gave away their 2011 second round pick and their 2012 first round selection to land the former Heisman Trophy winner Ingram.



New Orleans Saints Director of College Scouting Rick Reiprish
Media Availability Following Selection of RB Mark Ingram
Thursday, April 28, 2011

When you were sitting in here, did you guys know that you were making a trade to select Mark Ingram?

“That was what I got called out for. That was a part of the trade.”

Was that the offensive guy you had highly ranked you discussed earlier?

“I didn’t want to take this guy. Sean (Payton) didn’t want to take him, Mickey, the scouts…No, this guy was the other offensive player we talked about, very high on the board.”

You had both Jordan and Ingram both in a group that you hoped would fall to 24?


What do you like about Ingram?

“It’s hard to find something you don’t like about him. The only negative about this kid is he got hurt early in the year a little bit and didn’t quite play as well as he should have been. Towards the end of the year he started coming back into that Heisman Trophy form. He was a really solid player, powerful kid. It’s hard to make a comparison, but he runs the way Pierre Thomas runs, a little bit faster and he’s a little heavier.”

Is he a low to the ground guy?

“Low to the ground, hard to tackle, he gives you very little hitting area. This kid gets everything going forward. He’s not going to fall back. He had a long string of not fumbling the ball. Ball security was a big issue and he’s really good at that. He had those two fumbles at the end of the year, but that was the first fumble in his career I think in over 300 carries. We’re excited to get this kid. He’s an outstanding football player. He’s a productive back. He’s going to add to what we already have here and be a really good player here for us.”

Is there a reason why those guys fell a little bit further?

“We just laughed about that in there. Two years ago when we won the Super Bowl, we went to the combine. We picked these seating arrangements for the 40-yard dash, one through 32, where you sit. We picked number four and that was a good choice. We said we’d like to be number one. But number one had to sit on the field, two was on the bench, there on the bleacher. We were the first one on the rail with no one blocking our view. Last year we picked we were about 30 and this year we picked we were four again and I told Sean and Mickey, we have a little mojo working here. Who knows? We’ll take it if it is. It’s pretty good.”

You gave up future compensation to select Ingram. Was there hesitation on this move?

“I thought there was no hesitation. When that kid became available and the trade became available we were all excited to get that player. This guy’s really going to add to our offense and give us a little bit of the ball control we want to do on the ground.”

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