Tiger fans call penalty for fraternity sign mocking Kent State massacre

Tiger fans call penalty for fraternity sign mocking Kent State massacre
Photo provided by staff.

POSTED: Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 2:57pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 16, 2013 - 5:53pm

Fans lined LSU’s campus on Saturday, Sept. 14 for the second home game of the season. However, before the Tigers battled Kent State on the field, some fans were calling for a penalty due to an inappropriate display of team spirit.

“I love my Tigers, but this is inappropriate,” a viewer said after submitting a picture to the NBC33 News room.

The sign reads, “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent St.” It was hanging over the entrance to the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which is located on West Lakeshore Drive.

The sign is referencing the 1970 incident when troops with the Ohio National Guard opened fire on a group of roughly 2,000 student protestors. At least nine were wounded and four were killed.

The event was considered a national tragedy and after the event millions of students across the nation refused to return to their own college campus as a sign of protest.

The viewer who submitted the picture believes the sign is mocking the tragedy and believes it’s insensitive and inappropriate.

However, posting shocking messages on game day is nothing new for the fraternity. In 2012, a sign over the door read, “Like the Batman movie premiere, we’re starting off this season with a bang!”

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How can they not discipline this group? They obviously find these types of signs fitting for their chapter. Especially with the examples listed in this article that they have hung before now. You can't correct the way they think, but you can punish their actions. Without conscience there is no reason for them to stop making it public knowledge that they are insensitive fools.

Stay classy Tigers.


I would hope that after last year's similar incident, these insensitive idiots would see some consequences for their actions. If not, then the LSU admin should explain why...

This is the new world that we live in. We have created this monster and now we got to live with it. You would never see a sign like this on an LSU campus back in the 80's because kids had more class and respect. Also, when you have a couple thousand LSU students at the games who like to say "suck that Tiger d*#k bit#* during certain songs that the band plays, it tells you how we as a society are losing our values with every day that passes. Pitiful & sad. What have we become?

This is what this fraternity teaches about brotherhood,These boys should be ashamed of themselves,and they call themselves part of the greek life?

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