LSU students react to Jalen Mills' arrest

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POSTED: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 5:59pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 7:58pm

"I do think that when incidents happen like this they should not be on the team at all because it happens way to much and they get away with way too much." That was the reaction from LSU Junior, Bethany Beraux upon hearing of Wednesday morning's arrest of Jaylen Mills.

"I actually wasn't surprised that another player was arrested. It's just ashame that that's going on throughout our football team. Cause we are a state university and i think we should be held to a higher standard both students and athletes, so it's very disappointing," said Beraux.

Allegedly, Mills punched a girl in the face during an argument. He claims he was just breaking up a fight. The altercation left the girl briefly unconscious and she had to get four stitches in her lip.

"I think it's really unfortunate and it's pretty sad actually. You're obviously a large man, you shouldn't be man-handling women like that," said LSU Senior, Josh Danna.

He thinks that sometimes, star athletes feel a sense of entitlement.

"I would try my best to not get caught doing anything like that just because I know, I don't want to be in that legal trouble. But sense they have a sports future and all these things going for them, they think they can get away with a few things," Danna said.

"They are going to get away with a little bit more because they need to be seen on the football field because we need to win games because it brings in a lot of money," Beraux added.

Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne. Two past winners of the prestigious Jim Thorpe award given to the most outstanding defensive back in college football. Jalen Mills surely has the talent to be next in line at LSU, but with this past incident, who knows what his future brings.

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