LSU fans will see increase in ticket costs come 2014

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POSTED: Friday, December 13, 2013 - 5:40pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 13, 2013 - 5:47pm

Looks like some LSU Football ticket holders will be paying more when next season rolls around. The LSU Board of Supervisors said yes to an Athletic Department proposal that will mean higher prices for some beginning in 2014.

LSU Athletics is spending more money on scholarships and salaries, so they need more money coming in. The good news here is for students who want to cheer on their Tigers, the cost of their tickets won't change at all.

Grace Reaux is a sophomore at LSU, and she looks forward to all the games.

"I think that's great, obviously, I mean it's so hard to do all the extracurricular things especially football tickets are so pricey in themselves and a lot of us love to go to the other games like basketball, volleyball, and soccer games," Reaux said.

"It's so hard to be able to support your team if you feel like you can only sit on the couch to watch it, since it's pricey to get into the stadium," Reaux said.

As a student, Grace pays $12 a game, and that price will remain the same. However, for most season ticket holders, there will be an increase, but not a huge one.

"No increase will be more than $90. Eight-thousand seats will experience no increase and 30,000 seats will be gone all together," Joe Alleva, LSU Athletic Director said."It will alleviate the need for us to increase ticket prices in the future because our expenses continue to go up $2 to $3 million a year."

Alleva said the reasons for the rising cost include rising salaries and and athletic scholarships. For Reaux who has family and friends who aren't students who go to the game, she doesn't think it's fair.

"I mean, I understand the salaries are going up, but like I said the economy's terrible right now."It make senses, But I don't think a lot of students will think that makes sense," Alleva said. "If they've gotten a long this far with how much money they make, how much more does it need to be."

Alleva said they will see an increase in most of the seats.

He's hoping the deal with the SEC Network will bring in more money to alleviate some of the expenses, but he's not sure how much.

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