LSU fans split on opinion of players' arrests


POSTED: Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 10:34pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 10:16am

Social media were humming quickly Thursday afternoon after the arrests of former LSU football players Derrick Bryant, Karnell Hatcher, Jordan Jefferson, and Tyrann Mathieu.

"I saw it on Twitter around 5 o'clock," said LSU student James Villard, meaning only an hour and a half had passed before the arrests were public knowledge.

The idea that four former Tigers were arrested, and two of them were Mathieu and Jefferson, meant Tigers fans couldn't avoid the news.

Mathieu, Jefferson, and Bryant have all been in trouble before, so some fans said they weren't surprised. Especially with the star quarterback and the Heisman finalist being involved.

"It's more expected with Jordan Jefferson," Villard said. "I mean, something like that's bound to come up, based on LSU quarterbacks past."

"It just astonishes me," said Jeff Parker, "at the opportunities that were in front of (Mathieu), and he threw it all away."

But some Tigers fans think that critics are out to get Mathieu and Jefferson, simply because they're such public figures.

"I found the whole thing kinda sketchy, on Jordan Jefferson, how it led to an arrest," Villard said.

But some fans took an even bigger view. Because they were the biggest stars on last year's team, anything they do makes national headlines. And that reflects poorly on the city as a whole.

"Baton Rouge, we got a lot of pride here," said Anthony Brocato. "And people, playing football and everything, pay a lot of money for tickets. And all this drama happens. It's kinda like, where's the character of Baton Rouge?"

Mathieu was kicked off the team before this season started, reportedly for failing drug tests. He decided to take the year off from football to try to get his life and career back in order.

Tigers fans are split on whether they think he will see the field again.

"Tyrann Mathieu still has a chance to play football (at LSU) again,"Villard said.

"I hope not, but I think he chose his path," Parker explained.

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