VIEWER SUBMITTED: Christmas lights turned into Tiger fan display

VIEWER SUBMITTED: Christmas lights turned into Tiger fan display
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POSTED: Sunday, January 8, 2012 - 2:29pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 13, 2012 - 9:26pm

There’s nothing we love more than seeing video our fans created. We were blown away by a video submitted by Dianna Braud.

The message sent along with the link was a simple one.

“We have programmed out Christmas light to the LSU pregame song in honor of their quest for the national championship.”

Click here to see the video in its entirety.

We asked where she came up with the idea, and she says what started as a way to get into the Christmas spirit turned into Tiger Pride.

“Our Christmas light display is programmed and run by a computer with a multi-channel light controller,” Braud told NBC33 News in a response email. “It takes about an hour for every 10 seconds of the song to program.

“We created the display for Christmas but decided to leave it up until after the LSU game,” she added. “We had some Christmas songs programmed to it this year and last year. We had seen the idea for the Christmas songs on a You Tube video but the LSU song idea just came from our Tiger pride!”

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Also, we searched on YouTube and found a few others who did a similar light display.

Click here to see another display posted to YouTube.

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