EX5 adds healthier option to sports drinks

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POSTED: Monday, April 30, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 4:57pm

An athlete’s vision and a scientist’s mind collided in the labs of South Louisiana producing one of the newest sports drink on the market.

"It really shows a story of two local entrepreneurs born and raised in Louisiana. With our state school and the help of the LSU Ag Center, together we have combined to take on a superior force in Gatorade and Powerade who are multi-billion dollar companies,” Brian Brothers of H&B Beverages said.

What the group created is EX5.

“Coincidentally and independently we had been working on a project to develop a concept for blocking bitter flavors. So Brian and I got together, tried it and it worked pretty well,” Dr. John Finley, head of the Food Science Department at LSU, said.

Finley joined forces with Brian Brothers and Craig Hart, triple teaming a challenge that once seemed daunting.

"Really we had to put everything on the line for this and it's a huge risk in this economy. For us to think that we have a shot is overwhelming at times at the beginning," Brothers said.

The finished product though, speaks for itself, it’s a drink with less sugar, less calories and more electrolytes than others sharing shelf space.

"The risk becomes a little more tolerable at that point and the fact that we did it all right here in Louisiana. We came together to fight the two almighty Coke and Pepsi,” said Brothers

Only time will tell how well the new creation sells. Its distributor, Mockler Beverage, says they like what they hear early on.

“It’s early but one of the key indicators is how much buzz we are hearing in the trade from our consumers, from our retailers and even some from our competitors. We definitely got their attention. It fits our model that we want to support locally, our retailers are asking for it and even the consumers too,” Chris Davis, Vice President of Sales at Mockler Beverage, said.

“It's well balanced and close to the sweat that you are losing. There's really, to my knowledge nothing out there on the market quite like it,” Finley added.

For more information on EX5 visit http://www.ex5sportsdrink.com

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