$1.2 million of state money to go to improvements on 25 football fields at Nicholls State

$1.2 million of state money to go to improvements on 25 football fields at Nicholls State
Photo provided by Nicholls State University.
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POSTED: Friday, July 12, 2013 - 8:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 12, 2013 - 8:04pm

Governor Bobby Jindal announced a $1.2 million investment has been made to revitalize 25 playing fields at Nicholls State University. Those fields are utilized by the Manning Passing Academy, a football camp hosted by Archie, Peyton, Cooper and Eli Manning.

The revitalization project will provide new drainage systems to improve the fields and make them safer for the camp’s attendees and Nicholls students. The investment will help keep the Manning Passing Academy—which, according to the South Louisiana Economic Council, has an annual economic impact in the region of more than $1.8 million—at Nicholls for the long-term.

“In Louisiana, we love our football, and the camps hosted by the Manning Passing Academy are a great experience for everyone involved," Governor Jindal said. "Indeed, the skills these kids learn will help them grow both on and off the field. That’s why we’re supporting $1.2 million to improve and revitalize 25 fields for our young people and for students at Nicholls.”

The Manning Passing Academy is celebrating its 18th year, with the past eight camps taking place at Nicholls State University. Each year, the Manning Passing Academy hosts approximately 1,200 kids from different states who want to become better offensive players.

The Governor said the camp is owned and operated by the “unquestioned first family of football” — Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning — who have been known to rearrange their schedules to attend the camps, fully committed to making sure every attendee has the best possible experience.

Additional work includes preparation of underground markings, electrical work and sod or seeding. The plan covers 20 acres of field, including 50,000 feet of pipe and 2,000 cubic yards of sand. The project is expected to take 8 weeks to complete. The $1.2 million investment was approved by the Legislature as part of the capital outlay bill and will be voted on by the State Bond Commission later this year.

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