Family and Football: Weiner's understand Harbaugh family emotions

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 9:45pm

Sunday night the Harbaugh brothers will make history as they will become the first pair of brothers to take the field for a Super Bowl. Locally, in the Baton Rouge area, two head coaches know the emotions when football and family collide. Dale Weiner and his son Neil are the head coaches at Catholic and Zachary high schools. They’ve faced off on the football field three times.

“For me personally it has been difficult because he and I are so close,” Dale said.

“We are always communicating but the week we play we don’t talk much,” Neil added.

The father-son pair are best friends and colleagues. They know exactly what Jim and John Harbaugh will go through when the Ravens and 49ers square off Sunday night.

“When you have to compete you have to put that aside and that’s a hard thing to do,” the elder Weiner said.

They both agree that nothing about it is easy.

“I try my best, when we do play, not to look across the sideline,” Neil said.

Dale’s wife, the matriarch of the Weiner family, makes no secret who she roots for.

Lindy Weiner was straightforward when telling her son she’d be pulling for her husband.

“He goes home to live with him (Dale). I have a wife to go home to and he needs a wife to go home to that supports him,” her son Neil joked.

It’s similar to the situation the Harbaugh parents will be in Sunday when their son’s play for a Super Bowl.

If the Harbaugh’s are anything like the Weiner’s, they won’t let football get in the way of something much bigger.

“He’s my best friend and mentor. I look up to him a lot. We have a special relationship,” said Neil. 

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