Full Court Buzzer Beater in High School Playoffs

POSTED: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - 3:08pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:57pm

Strict rules against whole court shots during practice might soon be changing for the Dayton Christian High School men's basketball team.

That's because senior Casey Weber landed a 90 foot shot during the team's sectional final against Aranum Friday night.

"I grabbed it, took one dribble and just threw it as hard as I could, and somehow it went in," Weber said. "I was shocked. I just threw my arms up."

The team kept its double-digit lead and went on to win the game by 17 points thanks to the shot, but the team had a tough time focusing on the game afterwards.

"To see him grab it and just heave it, I mean, it was huge for us," said Chip James, Dayton Christian men's basketball head coach. "At first I was focused on making sure it counted, then when I saw how excited our guys were, I kind of got caught up in the moment."

Weber and James have not seen eye-to-eye about the risky shots.

"Casey is such a funny kid because he shoots these shots every day against my will. I really don't like it," James said. "We've been kind of butting heads about it all season. He thinks he can make the shot, I don't."

Once Weber's teammates started to join in, James made a rule: if you try the shot and miss, it's ten push-ups.

While our camera was at practice Monday night, we convinced James to allow Weber to throw up a few long shots.

The second attempt was a repeat performance of Friday night.