Central schools spend $20,000 on drug testing

POSTED: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 7:04pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 7:12pm

CENTRAL, La (WVLA) -- School officials in Central are turning to drastic measures to keep drugs out of the classroom.

This year, any student who wants to drive to school, play sports or join a club has to submit to drug testing.

The policy isn't new to the system, but the method is.

Instead of traditional urine samples, students will have to provide a hair sample for drug testing.

The group of students to be tested accounts for about 35% of the student population in the middle and high schools.

Officials say, the cost for testing this year will total over $20,000.

"If that money that I spend saves one child, or keeps one child from getting hooked on drugs, or participating in drug activities, the cost is not an issue with me," says Central Superintendent Michael Faulk.

Any student who tests positive for drugs will be suspended from extra curricular activities for 10 days

They'll also be forced to sign up for counseling, and they'll be re-tested every month until they're clean.

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