New Roads mayor-elect has big plans for city

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 5:11pm

NEW ROADS, La (WVLA) -- Kirk "Clipper" White has seen mayors come and go during his 12 years in city council. Last night, he witnessed another transition. Mayor Tommy Nelson, under fire for a federal indictment over the summer, lost the election to political newcomer, Robert Myer, by just 142 votes. 

"The people spoke last night," says White. "They said they're ready to move on and put this behind them." Nelson's indictment could have played a big part in his loss, according to some residents. That's why Myer plans to focus on the city's image first, starting with the damage done by Nelson's trouble with the law.

"We want to run this office with integrity," says Myer. "There's  been a disconnect between the council and the mayor's office and I think we need to bridge that gap." That's only part of his plan. Myer says he wants to keep the public in the loop, so they know what his adminstration is doing at all times.

Myer also has high hopes to establish new jobs in the community. "We want to create the idea that New Roads is not a good place to be from. It's a good place to live," he says. The John James Audobon Bridge will be finished in the parish by next year, and by that time, residents want to see more business in the small city. He hopes to make that happen.

"The decisions that will be made in the next four years will last a lifetimes for some residents," Myer says. ]

Residents say they're willing to give him a shot, but they refuse to be tolerant of mistakes. "I give him the same chance I give everyone else," says Augustine Caldwell. "He messes up, you get rid of him."

Myer says he's up to the challenge. He takes office in January.

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