Re: Woman snaps, throws son out window, stabs daughter to death

It was really shocking and sad to hear that carulus and that beautiful baby girl are dead. It is also good to know that Avery is Ok. We at Jaybird court, in Severn, Maryland (springmeadow community) thought that they were doing better in Georgia than they were in Maryland. Even though Avery was a child who seen to has mental issues and neighbors use to ask me why was I taking him place and babysitting him free of charge; I am truly happy I did. I don't know if the children's father is still in prison, but I hope their relatives or someone with patience can adapt Avery. If anyone needed to know about their lives it is at this address to start. It would be insensative of me to say any more about her family, but her mom died when she was young and dad raised the 4 sons and youngest and only daughter by himself. Don't think they got counseling but it was apparent that they never got over their lost. It was a family of mentally-ill people who all start together in the same house. Their father died about 5 or 6 years ago and they got bad advise from a realtor when they tried to put the house in their name; which resulted in forclosure. (they owned the house for about 15 years) This is when they all moved in with relatives etc.