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Re: Student says college won't refund money

You sound pretty ignorant. You cant even get the story right. Hall said that "From the moment I stepped into that college to enroll, to think that I was a victim is troubling." She became a victim after realizing that they was stealing from her. Get your comment straight. I bet you work for BRC. You dont know what goes on in that school. Who wouldn't want money owed to them? She left BRC to transfer to another college and BRC still took out loans in her name. Will you let them do that to you? If so, its because your stupid. As a formal student there, I know that how is telling the truth ang Dykes is lieing. Why wouldnt he lie when he knows that he is in hot water. Hall contacted every employee the school had, BBB, U.S. Dept of Education, Board of Regents, ACCET, ect and they are ALL ON HER SIDE AND INVESTIGATING THE SCHOOL. You really dont know crap so KEEP YOUR STINKING MOUTH SHUT.