Re: Student says college won't refund money

I can see that you did not listen to news report. Hall never said that from the moment of enrolling into school, she was a victim. Hall said, "To think that I was a victim." That means she is realizing after the facts have taken place. You sound stupid and I think that maybeyou work for the college. Get your facts straight. Does it matter if she is broke? Who doesnt want money thats owed to them? Who will allow a college to steal money from them AFTER THEY DROPPED FROM A COLLEGE TO TRANSFER TO ANOTHER? Did you see the house she was sitting in? Its no way she is broke, she wants her money and I am all for her getting it. If she was wrong, why did she hire an attorney? Dykes put on a fake image for tv and Hall came real. Do me a favor and enroll at BRC and we will see you on the news in about 2 months with the same story, stupid faced.