Re: Student says college won't refund money

A complaint is a complaint but it's funny that Hall stated that "From the moment I stepped into that college to enroll, to know that I was literally a victim, that was just troubling" If you sense or assume of trouble then WHY DID YOU STICK YOUR HEAD IN THERE!...hihihi.... Watching the news seems to me that Hall is pretty broke...Give the sister her money and everything is resolve! The School should quickly find a replacement and give her money back so she will stop complaining. If you can't talk to Dykes then I'm sure you can talk to someone else at the school. I'm sure every company or institution has a problem of it's own. There will always be someone who complain and every company at some point did something wrong. Another point, "Truth be told" must be one of the student there
at BRC...Why would you pay for what's called "inquiry project" for that cost. Why can't you do it yourself? What's an "inquiry project?" Is this a homework assignment? So you want to pay someone to do your homework? You can't complete their courses and drop out, then owes 10K in debt!
I have a small training school as well and I know how it's like... But I believe BRC is also wrong if they don't return the students' money.