Re: Student says college won't refund money

As a former student at Baton Rouge College, I have had the same problem with not receiving my refund check. I was told by Paul Dykes that he needed to know my personal financial situation so he could look into getting me an "advance" on my check that was owed to me 14 days after the semester started in January. In the story that was aired, she did not mention that we don't receive books at the college. I have an employee recorded, saying, "we're sorry that you don't have books, don't tell anyone that we are making copies of books because that is illegal." Not to mention to write an inquiry project for credit the college charges you $1830 to write a paper. I personally wouldn't reccommend this college to anyone. I'm walking away from this college $10,000 in debt for two semesters, with no education, and a lot of headache.