Re: Nungesser still upset with BP oil spill handling

Well guess what - the CITIZENS of Plaquemines Parish are still upset with Billy Nungesser. Nungesser who enriched himself and his friends with fat BP contracts. Nungesser who personally made money off of BP contracts on his personal and privately owned marina. Nungesser who made sure his friends and benefactors received clean-up contracts before commercial fishermen.

Nungesser also has a lot of nerve grading anyone. Since Nungesser has been the President of Plaquemines Parish, his administration has received "D" grades from the Legislative Auditor. D grades are the worst grades or ratings you can receive from the Legislative Auditor. D grades according to the Legislature Auditor's website mean that the audit "includes comments on abuse and fraud" - its no wonder Nungesser and his administration are under Federal Investigation and have returned documents in response to a Federal Grand Jury subpoena from the day he took office to the present. The documents include FEMA contracts, professional services contracts and Oil Spill docs.

Yeah Louisiana, this is really what we need right now as Lt. Gov and possibly Gov of this State.