Re: Federal government still has no debt plan as the deadline looms

Since this "deal" is mot a compromise and only benefits the Republicans, I hope it fails and the nation defaults. The PEOPLE get screwed either way. I like President Obama but I don't understand why he always gives in to the Republican blackmail games. This all cuts deal will hurt our economy, kill jobs, not create a single job, and in 6 months we will just be where we are with this idiotic "Super Committee" having accomplished nothing. The Pentagon budget will get cut and Republicans will get what they are really after - killing Social Security and Medicare. It's a rotten deal for the PEOPLE either way - so filibuster it in the Senate and vote it down in the House.
Just do a clean raising of the debt ceiling bill with nothing attached to it and then work on spending cuts AND REVENUES separately. That committee would never happen in that scenario because Republicans really don't care about spending. They didn't care about it or the debt ceiling under Bush so why are they so obsessed with it now? They aren't. It is just a political game to distract us from job creation and restoring the economy and make us living from payday til payday and take
loans for people with bad credit
. They want America to fail to use as a sick political tool in 2012.