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Re: Fatal shooting on Blackwater Road

i hope this has nothing to do with domestic violence or interracial dating. We should be able to get beyond hate and racism today. To look at your child and reject the person they have grown to love , is very hateful, shows poor character, and bad parenting. One thing that i trully don't understand is how do these parents with this bitter, hateful, un loving heart can stand up and tell u how much they love their child, but cut them off if they chose to be with someone of another race, When God looks at us as his children and not black, white, asian, arab, or jew or gentile, saved and unsaved, color is never mentioned and never favored. As a father, I can't tell my son who to love, but i can teach him how to love and how to love everyone he encounters. My childs happines is his choice and im happy for who he will share in his intimate life