Re: Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries to be sued for tiger at truck stop

It's terribly sad that this poor tiger has been "caged" like this for going on 11 years. We have stopped at the truck stop on our way to and from Dallas / Florida. You can see the stress by his pacing. He has no enrichment to keep him emotionally sound and is subject to taunting by onlookers. A very serioius concern, is there is absolutely NO security to protect the animal if some crazy person came by and threw meat filled with poison in it - or had a gun and decided to put the animal out of his misery. One time we watched for over 30 minutes - not one single person appeared from the truck stop to check on Tony. A person with a dog walked over to the cage and let the dog bark constantly at the tiger which was obviously upsetting to the animal. It's time Tony was released to a sanctuary that would love him and treat him with dignity.