Re: Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries to be sued for tiger at truck stop

Thank you Animal Legal Defense Fund for letting Louisiana know that they can't just change the laws in place to placate one individual, who blatantly and cruely has refused to admit that he can not take care of Tony the Tiger. Michael Sandlin, in January 2011 was spoken to by the USDA regarding Tony being extremely underweight for a Tiger, he is not being fed properly, this is not the way a man who claims to "love him like family" would treat his so called family if he cared. 11 YEARS AND LOUISIANA NEEDS TO STOP DOING ALLEGED FAVORS TO STAY ELECTED AND IN OFFICE AND PUT THE GOOD OL BOY POLITICS AWAY. WE ARE ALL WATCHING YOU LOUISIANA, LIKE WE TOLD YOU, THERE ARE OVER 25,000 PLUS THOUSAND FIGHTING FOR TONYS FREEDOM AND WE ARE NOT BUDGING. SANDLIN NEEDS TO RETIRE TONY now and send him to an accredited sanctuary. now. Tony does not have much time, his care is poor and has never once had a blood test....imagine. Now lets stand behind the ALDF and all efforts to Free Tony before its too late.
"Animals are not property
they are not ours to use
they are an end unto themselves
Their Freedom is beautiful, and their slavery is horror"
-Bold Native 2010