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Re: Could parts of EBR School District break off to form new district?

At this point, I really hope that the southeast part of the parish is successful in breaking away from the existing EBR School Board. This new "Woodlawn" district would have the Zachary and Central districts as perfect examples to follow for success.

The EBR School Board has regressed over the decades to being the main joke of this area. Nobody can unify them into a directed successful effort. Politics is their main motivation, and the school children are mere pawns in their political board game.

I hope that the effort to separate the schools of the southeast part of the parish will be a done deal and soon. I am also thankful that my two children graduated out of EBR many years ago. I can only hope that their children will not be subject to the same idiotic shenanigans that I have witnessed around here for these many years.