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Re: Baton Rouge Loop Plans

The plans submitted are not any different that those previously submitted just some corridors have been taken off. The maps used at the Denham Springs meeting are from 2007. There has been a lot of additional construction to the Watson area since these maps and studies have been done. If you want to build a "loop" you should go further north and used unpopulated areas: not use area where people will lose their homes, churches and schools. It just shows that these studies didn't take into account the developments that were on the books. The Northern loop into Watson will take out the new high school under construction or the the newly built pall park. Two areas that you surely don't want a interstate; areas where we have young drivers and other children. No concrete evidence was given that this "LOOP" will help the traffic just "IF'S". The public better get wise to the project..another way to take the property from hard working people so some developer and foreign company can make money. Who are the investors? What guarantees are these investors being given? NO LOOP WE DON'T WANT IT.