Re: Baker Heights Librarian charged with cruelty

This teacher was arrested for an alleged incident that took place almost 2 months ago! If she is "cruel " enough to be arrested, why didn't the school Principal, or the teacher who witnessed it report it to the police AT THE TIME IT SUPPOSEDLY HAPPENED? Why aren't they being held accountable? They are mandated reporters, and the law REQUIRES them to report any and all abuse. Why did the Principal allow this teacher to be at school, in charge of minor children for almost 2 months after the alleged abuse occurred? Why didn't the Baker school system place Ms. Gray on paid administrative leave , which is their policy, when the incident was reported to them almost 2 months ago? Why is the name of the teacher who witnessed the alleged abuse not mentioned? If he/she can give statements to the police, why can't he/she own it and stand by it publicly? If I had the courage to report such an incident, I surely wouldn't remain unnamed or anonymous. I worked with Ms. Maxine Gray for two years, and I never saw anything even remotely inappropriate, much less abusive! She is a dedicated professional, and a fine woman. I smell a rat!