Re: Abortion ban passes out of House Health and Welfare Committee

Hi jan2,

So you think that an embryo is not a baby? When is it a baby, then? Actually, in my human development textbook, an unborn baby is never called a baby -- he's called an embryo, then a fetus, all the way until he is born. But just because we call him embryo or fetus doesn't make him not a baby -- those terms are just referring to his preborn development.

Abortion is not about choosing whether or not a woman wants to be a mother -- she already IS a mother! So what if most abortions are done in the first trimester? Within the first eight weeks, a baby already has developed a heart, brain, legs, toes, and all his organs. Not only that, but his DNA is different from his mother's DNA, so he is a separate, living entity different from his mother -- a real human being. Are you saying that a human being only becomes human after passing a development marker, say second trimester? That seems mighty arbitrary -- maybe babies aren't human until two years old? How do you draw the line? It is much simpler and accurate to see that conception is the moment when a human being begins, because a unique DNA has been created. Everything else that happens are just moments during development.

And you can't say that it's just a personal choice -- if that baby in the womb is a person, then killing it is murder. And a murder done inside the privacy of the operating room is not just personal business -- it is a crime no matter where it's done. Stopping the life of a human being is never a personal decision -- and I say this as a teenage woman, too. If abortion is my right, then I am ashamed to be a woman. The vast majority of abortions are done because a woman just doesn't want to be bothered in her career or college, or doesn't have the support of her family. I do not think that inconveniences like these should be of greater importance than the life of a child.

These are not religious views -- even atheists say that murder is wrong. If a baby in the womb is a person, then killing him is murder, plain and simple. If he is not a person, then nothing is wrong. Religion isn't related, and so I wish that you would stop mischaracterizing the other side.