Small country is true Olympics winner, at least for its citizens

Russian President Vladimir Putin is no doubt leaving Sochi with a smile on his face: True, his beloved men's hockey team crashed out of Winter Olympics competition before medals were up for grabs, but the host nation claimed 33 medals overa

Olympics closing ceremony is trip through Russian culture

The closing ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics on Sunday night took viewers through what organizers called an artistic look at Russian culture before the Olympic flag was handed over to organizers for the 2018 Games.

15 most memorable moments of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

The terror threats thankfully never materialized. The gripes about unfinished hotel rooms and yellow tap water quickly became old news.

Russia leads in medal count, joy for Austrian Skier

It's been a tough last few days for U.S. hockey at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Americans lose in hockey, crushed 5-0 by Finland in bronze medal game

The U.S. men's hockey team lost any dream of an Olympic medal Saturday when Finland crushed them 5-0 in the consolation game for the bronze medal in the Sochi Games.

Controversy, change.org petition over Olympic figure skating results

In the final chapter of her storied Olympic figure skating career, South Korea's Yuna Kim won silver -- not able to defend her shot at gold against a Russian teenager who seemingly came out of nowhere to get the top prize.

3 things to watch at the Olympics on Friday

With the Olympics coming to an end, hockey narrows its field, an American tries to beat her mentors and a South Korean-born Russian skater looks to tie the great Ohno. Men's ice hockey

5 favorite moments from Wednesday at the Sochi Olympics

Does anyone know how to say "Did that really just happen?" in Russian? Who can predict how the women's figure skating will turn out? Who just won his record-setting 13th medal? It's in the nyet

Former LSU star, Lolo Jones falls short of medal in Sochi

Lolo Jones's thrid try at a medal fell short today in Sochi. The former LSU track star and her partner Jazmine Fenlator finished in 11th place in the Women's Two-Man Bobsled.

5 things to watch at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Wednesday

Let's see, seven-plus hours of hockey ahead, the start of the women's figure skating competition and one multi-sport Olympian is close to standing alone. Men's ice hockey

Young skaters dream of Olympic gold, no matter the obstacles

Like many over-scheduled 14-year-old girls, Presley Chandler has a very busy daily routine. But hers is probably busier than most.

X Games champion now Olympic Gold medalist

X Games extraordinaire David Wise is now an Olympic champion.

5 favorite moments from Monday at the Sochi Olympics

United States + favorite hasn't necessarily ='d gold, but it sure did Monday.

Jump shot: A Sochi photography masterclass

"This one is for you," says Yana Romanova, the photo manager at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center.

5 things to watch at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Tuesday

The weather forecast is the most watched item in the athletes village, snowboard cross is like NASCAR on the white stuff and the Dutch seem likely for another podium sweep in speed skating.