Former President Clinton visits Baton Rouge to campaign for Mary Landrieu

The polls say Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) will need help getting re-elected.

DHH proposes state cover medical bills for rape victims

Rape victims in Louisiana may no longer be forced to pay for their own medical care after their assault.

Nurses speak out in support of Dallas hospital's treatment of Ebola outbreak

Doctors and health officials in Dallas are removing names from the list of people at risk for the deadly Ebola virus.

CA family hopes to find anonymous man who saved father from fire

An anonymous stranger is being hailed as a hero after walking into a burning Fresno, California home and rescuing an elderly man trapped inside. Cell phone video was captured by Beth Lederach, who happened to be driving by.

Unique WWII plane now on display at BTR

Check this out a one-of-its kind bomber has flown into Baton Rouge. A Boeing B-29 and B-24 plane are on display at Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

Indiana man admits to killing 7 people

Authorities in northwestern Indiana have arrested a man who has admitted to killing at least seven people.

Ebola, ISIS become top campaign issues as Election Day nears

Fear is the new factor in the upcoming midterm elections. Races that once were focused on jobs and Obamacare are now being fought, at least in part, on the issues of ISIS and Ebola.

Early voting starts tomorrow in Louisiana

You can vote early for the November 4th election starting on October 21, 2014. Early voting runs until October 28, 2014, statewide.

Scammers claiming to be Chicago business are targeting veterans

The National Veteran Owned Business Association says scammers are calling from the Chicago area and targeting veterans. The callers are claiming to be with a business called RAI-Radio Accounting Service.

2 St. John Parish employees indicted in connection with brain eating amoeba in water supply

Two St. John the Baptist Parish utility workers were indicted by a grand jury there.