CDC: Flu still above epidemic levels but seems to be slowing

The flu is still hitting the U.S. hard, but the number of new infections seems to be slowing down from week to week.

Wisconsin sheriff plucks emergency jurors off the street

Imagine going about your daily routine, when you're stopped by the county sheriff. He says he needs jurors and you have to go with him, right then, right now.

22-year-old Lake Charles man dies in crash on North Boulevard

Baton Rouge Police say a 22-year-old Lake Charles man is now dead after causing his girlfriend's car to crash on North Boulevard.

IRS warns you'll wait longer for your refund

It's tax season again, and experts say even though you may be looking forward to a refund you shouldn't be too quick to file.

Drone carrying meth crashes south of U.S. border

A smuggler's drone flying from Mexico crash-landed just south of the U.S. border city of San Ysidro, California, in a failed drug delivery this week, the Tijuana Municipal Police said.

Nevada DMV driving instructor kills man in hit and run

The woman arrested for hitting and killing a Las Vegas father this week is a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles employee.

Oklahoma sex ed teacher admits to having sex with student

Shock and disgust in Waynoka, after a teacher admits to having sex with a student multiple times, including in the school building itself.

Texas woman shot and killed in lobby of police department

Three Longview police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave and the lobby of a local police department has reopened after a woman was shot and killed prompting a lockdown of the premises.

Iraqi Prime Minister: U.S. isn't doing enough to fight ISIS

Defense Secretary Hagel says the impact on ISIS has been "significant, tangible and measureable" - despite frustrations we're hearing from Iraq's leader.