Crime Fighting Committee breaks down spending plan


POSTED: Monday, September 12, 2011 - 11:10pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 12, 2011 - 11:20pm

The Baton Rouge Metro Council’s Crime Fighting Committee is meeting to talk about ways to curb crime in the Capitol City. The meeting focused on the possibility of including a bond on the 2011 November ballot to pay for crime fighting initiatives.

The committee was formed just days after the Metro Council shot down Mayor Holden's bond proposal.Holden says he supports the group's goals, but is concerned about debt on the books not looking good to credit rating agencies.

Holden states, "If our rating is downgraded, then we pay higher interest rate on any money we borrow."

The meeting was to address priorities and a funding source, which would probably come in the form of bonds.

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux states that his first priority is building a new prison.

The group's top priorities and cost estimates include: replacing the parish prison, which could cost anywhere between $150- 200 hundred million, a new juvenile complex that might cost $45 million, and a misdemeanor jail that may cost another $2.2 million.

The final go-ahead would require support from voters in the parish.

Although he may have initially been against it, the group now has the support of Mayor Holden.

"Yes we support those. We're going to move funding to get that done because we don't have the luxury not to get it done," stated the mayor.

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This is the most corrupt group of Officials I have ever seen in my life! These guys are salivating to get there hands on hundreds of millions of dollars but they do NOTHING to curb violent crime! Our prisons are full already and these clowns continue to write meaningless Laws in an attempt to mislead and trick the people of Louisiana into believing that they have a handle on crime! They do not. We are broke here and these power hungry, corrupted lawyers find ways to get the remaining treasure that we have left in Louisiana! Governors Jindal's lates crime intitiative had NOTHING to do with violent crime. These organized criminals in the Louisiana Government are demanding hundreds of millions of dollars for little more than cell phone law enforcement! I will expose these men for the fraudsters and organized gangsters that they really are. These guys just flock down here to Louisiana to beat up and intimidate a poor and destitute State. If it's not a violent crime initiative get it the hell out of our face! We've got to stop letting our Elected Officials squeeze the coffers of our precious Bayou State. The Louisiana Legislature just wrote damn near 300 new Laws!!! Now everybody is wondering where they are going to get the cheese for their greasy ass corrupted palms. I challenge the media to find out just how much of this money is going to combat VIOLENT CRIME! I live here to you clowns. I will defeat each and every one of you Politically. Steve Spell II

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