YouTube video incriminates CA teacher now facing child sex abuse charges


POSTED: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 11:40am

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 11:43am

A former teacher accused in a YouTube video of child sex abuse has now been arrested.

She resigned two weeks ago from her job as a school administrator in Southern California.

The video made by an alleged victim has resulted in more than a dozen criminal charges.

Jamie, who posted the video, says she didn't think it would go viral so quickly.

She recorded herself confronting a former teacher about the sexual abuse she says she suffered at her hands.

Monday night, sheriff's deputies arrested that teacher.

Andrea Michelle Cardoso now faces 16 felony charges: five counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child and 11 counts of lewd acts on a child.

Cardosa was most recently an administrator at Alhambra high school in riverside, California.

That's the school Jamie says she called in this video, asking to speak to Cardosa.

Cardosa resigned on January 17, not long after the video was uploaded on YouTube.

Another person claiming to be a victim has since filed a complaint, accusing Cardosa’s former school district of negligence.

Jamie says the abuse happened "off and on" for six years, starting when she was 12.

As an adult, she says she considered going to the police, but she thought the statute of limitations had run out.

In a statement released late Monday night, Cardosa's attorney says it's his duty "to see justice prevails in the midst of the media wildfire. Fortunately, our justice system requires more than a YouTube video to determine the facts of a case."

A judge initially set bail at five-million-dollars.

Cardosa's arraignment is expected on Thursday.

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