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Vietnam veterans honored at USS Kidd

More than 40 years ago, our Vietnam Veterans came home, and Saturday, they were honored.

BRCC student named LA's 2015 New Century Scholar

Baton  Rouge Community College (BRCC) student, Stephen Martinez has been named the 2015 Coca-Cola New Century Scholar for the state of Louisiana.

Capitol Heights in a "stinky" situation

Capitol Heights residents found themselves in a stinky situation over the weekend. Residents told us that raw sewage was being pumped into a nearby creek causing the entire neighbor to smell.

LSU students want answers about the budget cut

Louisiana Colleges could be facing the biggest budget cut to higher education in over the last 50 years. LSU president F. King Alexander says, "620 million dollar reduction and we have about about a 750 million dollars to utilize.

The Spirit of the Irish on St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day is a chance for Baton Rouge to be Irish, if only for one day. The Irish Club in Baton Rouge celebrated St.

Family comments on miraculous events surrounding baby's rescue & recovery

One week after the miraculous rescue and recovery of 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck, who was found hours after her mother's car crashed into the Spanish Fork River, family members say they are sure of one thing:

Visiting Tibetan Monks Paint Mortality

Everything has an expiration date from the milk in the fridge to ourselves. It's part of the similarity that we all have in common. The Tam Bao Buddhist Temple has some special visitors to bring that message home. Six Tibetan monks, have tra

Catholic High and St. Joseph's Academy go head to head for hunger

Once again, the young women at St.

A lot of ideas about the lot of land under Earl K. Long Hospital

Earl K. Long Hospital served people after hurrican katrina and even had a movie, "the Fantastic Four" sequal filmed there once it closed. Now, at the end of the year, the old Earl K.

Hammond, LA: Those Soldiers are part of our family

It’s been cloudy for the last two days here in Hammond, Louisiana. The sky almost reflects the feelings of the entire city.

Soldier and his canine companion are honored at the Baker City Council

There's no love as uncontitional as a canine companion. Jared Heine and his dog Spike, are two American soldiers who embaked on a journey to Afghanistan. Spike is a trained labrador who was trained to sniff out bombs.

Speeding vehicles are making Capital Heights Avenue unsafe

Capital Heights Avenue.

 This little one way street in Mid City has become a popular site for walkers, runners and bikers.

 What makes this street so special? 

Race for the Cure brings thousands of supporters, survivors of breast cancer

Statistics show one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Juanita Alexander is one of them.

Local Artist Methodically Restores the Senate Chamber Ceiling

In the 1500's Italy portrayed what was in the mind of God through the use of Michaelangelo's hands; in the Sistine Chapel. In South Louisiana we have George Stuart, a local legend, who has painted everything from dozens of restaurances, malls, and

Southeast Middle School teachers, students cut hair to honor breast cancer survivors

A Southeast Middle School teacher and her students reached a huge goal Friday. They raised more than $10,000 breast cancer research.