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Houston Man opens up his wallet to kids eating cold lunches

In his 10 years as a mentor and tutor, a Houston man has always done his best to meet the needs of the students in his life.

'Better Together' launches campaign to prevent St. George incorporation

Another group has started raising money in the fight over the proposed city of St. George, but this time, to stop it.

Statewide Traffic Incident Management Program implemented in Louisiana

First responders across the state are working together to make sure traffic accidents are handled consisently and cleared off the roadway quickly and safely. It's all part of the new statewide Traffic Incident Management Program or (TIM).

Abortion debate tabled at DHH for now, both sides continue to speak out

A new set of rules and regulations from the Department of Health and Hospitals got people on both sides of the abortion issue raising their voices. The night before DHH officials were set to discuss the issue it was pulled from the agenda.

Local business owners see growth and community support

Louisiana continues to grow, and baton rouge has proven that businesses want to come here. In a recent report from Careerbuilder, Louisiana ranks 19th among U.S. states with new business growth.

Should police officers carry 'miracle drug' to reverse heroin overdoses?

Heroin use is on the rise in the Baton Rouge area, as is the number of people who have died from it.

Local woman creates 'Hot Mom Bod' diet to help women lose weight

Leslie Lancaster is a woman with whom many of us moms can relate. She says she put on fifty pounds with both her pregnancies…and ate a ton of whatever she wanted both times.

Remembering Morgan City Chief Crouch

UPDATE: Visitation for Chief Travis Crouch has been moved to the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium located at Hwy 182 and Myrtle St. in Morgan City. Visitation is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Locals react to super bowl commercials

There are super bowl commercials that tug at your heart strings, and others that make you laugh. The commercials for some people are the main attractions on super bowl Sunday.

Long road to recovery for victims of Turner Plaza apartment fire

This was a bad week to be out in the cold. But that was the reality for dozens of people whose apartments burned down in a fire.

Hundreds line the streets for a chance to dance on 'So you think you can dance'

The dancers came from all over the south, from Texas to Alabama to right here in Louisiana. All are hoping for the same thing, a chance to dance on the hit show ‘So you think you can dance.’

Local dairy sees benefit for farmers, consumers in Farm Bill

Farmers are breathing a big sigh of relief. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Farm Bill, and it will likely become law soon.

Private I's Family Ties: Private investigator works to reunite families

Imagine going your entire life not knowing who your birth parents. Well it happens more often than you might think. That's where a Port Allen private investigator comes in. She helps people find their loved ones.

Thawed out and open for business

 From dry cleaners to restaurants businesses are back open,and owners say they expect big crowds.

Local teen takes a stand against cyber-bullying and expoitation

Cyber-bullying is a problem across our nation.