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St. John residents frustrated by officials' response to water system trouble

People in St. John the Baptist Parish are not satisfied; not with their parish, and not with state experts who say their water is safe.

'Thrive and survive': Survivor shares her story of overcoming breast cancer

Breast cancer takes the lives of thousands of women across our country, but hundreds of women, live to tell their stories.

CATS asking for community input on new proposed routes

The Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking public input as it plans to grow the current system at the end of November.

Teens life saved by organ donation: two families create unique bond

Life is short, but you don't always realize how short it is. One family lost a young man, and through him saved six lives. Savannah Smith re-claimed her life, through someone else's death.

Baton Rouge man reflects on memorable role in 'Hocus Pocus'

You've probably already seen the movie Hocus Pocus playing on cable. For many - the movie is a cult classic.

Customers, employees disappointed Highland Coffees forced to close

A beloved community meeting place by LSU is saying goodbye after a quarter of a century, leaving patrons steaming mad and some cold with disappointment.

Louisiana child with a rare lung disease helps others

One year has passed since a Jennings family was told their then three-year-old son, Joel, would likely not live through the year.

Pilots gear up for Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival just kicked off! They are big and colorful, but flying a hot air balloon isn't easy, just ask veteran pilot John Good. "It's pretty tough sometimes," Good said.

Livingston Parish Council delays action on proposed gravel pit

The Livingston Parish Council deferred a vote Thursday on restrictions on certain mining operations.

Renowned lawyer files class action lawsuit against St. John water system

After weeks of fear about their water, people in St. John the Baptist Parish are fighting back. They are taking the parish to court, because they say all the problems they are facing are no accident.

Residents furious after St. John council closes ranks about water system troubles

St. John the Baptist Parish residents are not getting the answers they want about their water.

Lake Charles woman remains awake while doctors remove brain tumor

Scary symptoms brought Dale Lutgring to her doctor in May. "It started with my left eye twitching and then my mouth started twitching," she said.

BR video game developer needs your help

A Baton Rouge man is designing something fun for all of us, especially those of you who love video games. But he needs your help to do it.

LSU student gets $50,000 for tuition on Ellen Show

One of those LSU students has been in the national spotlight this week. She was on the Ellen Degeneres show earlier this week. Now, finding a way to pay for her education is a problem that's behind this LSU tiger.

Infant found alive after flood waters destroy his CA home

Flooding in Palm Springs, California decimated one family's home Tuesday.