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Women empowering women; dozens attend 'SU Girls Rock awards show'

Wednesday marked the second annual "SU Girls Rock Awards Show" at Southern University.  The Association for Women Students recognized their peers for accomplishments ranging from the field to the classroom.

Green Army advocates for change in safety policy

The Green Army is on a mission to help protect people living in Louisiana. Their mission includes fighting to make it safer for people living near chemical facilities and for the people who work there too.

Changes in the works for Bayou Corne

Bayou corne is dotted with wells. Some that work, some that don't.  Texas Brine officials explained maps to residents at a meeting Tuesday.

Pawn shops help police track down stolen valuables

Sometimes it is difficult for police to return jewelry or other valuables to people who were robbed. But local pawn shops have both a legal responsibility and a financial incentive to reunite owners with their stolen items.

South Louisiana man goes from janitor to principal, enchanting nation with remarkable story

It’s an inspiring story about a man who worked his way up from school janitor to principal. He's come so far that he's surpassed even his own imagination.

Finding a cure for Daisy: local mom creates awareness for daughter's rare disease

Imagine travelling half-way across the country to treat a rare disease there's no cure for. Well that's reality for 4-year-old Daisy Prescott, and that's why her mom wants to do her part to help find a cure.

Restaurants expect weekend-long boost from Valentine's Day

Most people want to spend Valentine's Day with loved ones, but one group likely to enjoy spending the holiday at work: cooks and waiters.

'I'm getting back in the race;' Slaughter comments on possible re-election

Qualifying is now closed for the mayoral race in Port Allen, but there's one familiar name on the candidate list  of 5. "I'm a fighter. I'm getting back in the race."

SU students still in shock over school teams ban from play

Southern University students are still reeling after news that their players and teams were all deemed ineligible until further notice.

Elderly couple shows how you're never too old to fall in love

Inside her Granite Bay, California home, 94-year-old Golden Henning anxiously waits for her dinner date.

YouthBuild finds new funding, relaunches with new students eager for second chance

A program that gives second chances to high school dropouts got a second chance of its own.

Teachers turn to anonymous donors for help stocking local classrooms

Dwindling school budgets and under-resourced districts are forcing teachers to get creative with how they stock their classrooms

Winning for awareness: Ms. Wheelchair LA hopes her win will inspire others

Louisiana has a new Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana. Her name's Leah Hoffpauir, and she wants to make a change.

USA Network brings ‘Characters Unite’ tour to LSU

Instead of just talking about what they want the world to be like, lots of LSU students are literally wearing their ideals. The USA Network brought its "Characters Unite" bus to the Baton Rouge campus today.

Volunteers needed: Forum 35 community service hosts 'Forum Fever' rally

"Speak out and speak up and give a young person's perspective on the different issues affecting our community," said Forum 35 President, Jesse Hoggard. That's exactly what one group is aiming to do.