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EBR honors Teachers, Principals of the Year

Dozens of local educators received a rare moment of recognition Wednesday. The East Baton Rouge Parish School System honored the 2014-15 Teachers and Principals of the Year during a ceremony at Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

A original "Brown Vs. Board of Education" plaintiff looks back on monumental desegregation case

Sixty-three years ago Kathy Sawyer was 10-year-old Katherine Carper, testifying with her mother, Lena Carper, in the Brown v. Board of education trial in Topeka, Kansas.

St. George leaders: "We gotta get those petitions signed"

Leaders of the St. George movement are trying to keep their supporters motivated.

LA State Senate honors fallen veterans in special ceremony

The Louisiana State Senate took time out of their busy schedules to honor our fallen veterans and their families. It's part of their annual Military Family Day. This year they honored 12 of our vets.

Overcoming the odds: Woman with rare disorder is successful artist, designer, author

"My Mom especially, would never--and still doesn't (not that it's that big of a deal now) never let me feel sorry for myself, which was a major, major thing in my house."

Students go back to class after school bus shooting

Students at Kenilworth Science and Technology charter school are trying to get back to normal, Monday, after police say a 12-year-old student shot at a school bus Friday afternoon.

Hundreds of former students, friends, relatives mourn Dr. Isaac Greggs

Southern University paid its final respects to one of its biggest legends. Hundreds of people attended a memorial service for Dr. Isaac Greggs, the long-time director of bands who passed away on Monday at the age of 85.

Danger on the job: Paramedic gets attacked by patient

You may not think being an EMS worker is hazardous, but East Baton Rouge EMS Worker Dena Cassels said, you need to think again. She was trying to do her job when the patient she was trying to help attacked her.

Towing and Recovery: An inside look into the life of a tow trucker driver

They're the men and women who will boot your car if you're parked illegally, or worse, you could get towed. They're also the people that clear the road after accidents.

Livonia Wildcats grateful to be allowed in state baseball tourney

It was a home run of a verdict for Livonia High School.

Mental health advocates rally for change

One in four adults has a mental illness. Thursday, mental health advocates rallied at the State Capitol. They're hoping lawmakers can help them protect people with mental illness.

Modified polio virus is used to destroy brain tumor

A potentially debilitating virus we don't hear much about anymore has saved the life of a South Carolina college student.

New franchise connects retirees with seniors in need of assistance

The elderly population in Louisiana is growing, and there is a need for more services geared towards them. Some seniors will need help, while others will need things to do after they retire.

BRPD adds veteran officer to assist victims

The Baton Rouge Police Department added a veteran police officer to work with the departments victim's assistance program. Sergeant Brenda Gann runs the domestic abuse unit for BRPD.

Baker parents start petition against school board

Some parents in Baker are fed up with their school board tonight. After many failed attempts to communicate with the board, they've started a petition to try and get some answers.