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GA Police officers change diapers of two small kids after parents were arrested for shoplifting

To protect, serve, and ... change diapers? Two Dunwoody, Georgia Police Officers responded to a shoplifting complaint, but when they got to the scene, they got a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Plans delayed: Drivers react to road closures and delays

The roads are back open now, but that certainly wasn't the case earlier in the day.

Broken bridge causes big problems for commuters in Grosse Tete

People who depend on the La. 77 bridge over the intracoastal or Grosse Tete bridge will have to wait two months or more for the bridge totally fixed. DOTD officials say a barge hit the bridge on Friday and caused severe damage.

Local restaurants partner with mayor's office to promote healthy kids' choices

Most people have had their fill of king cake by this point, so the timing could not be much better for National Nutrition Month, which began March 1.

Joining forces: teachers and parents come together to understand Common Core

A big issue coming up in this year's legislative session, Common Core, but a lot of people still don't understand it. That's why a Baker mom decided to host informational meetings to get people informed.

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton speaks to BR community on HIV/AIDS

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton gave his stance on HIV/AIDS and dozens filled Greater King David Baptist Church to listen in.

Raising awareness: Local woman battles rare disease

Stiff Person Syndrome, that's when your body stiffens without warning and you can't move for hours. Only about 300 people have been diagnosed with it in the U.S.including one local woman.

Dressed to impress: a look at a Louisiana cosplayer

Paige Harris has been an anime heroine, a fighter, and a superhero. Most of the time she's just Paige, but sometime she has fun being someone else. The costumes are not for Halloween.

Local sushi chef can say she's a rarity: proves women can accomplish anything

Louisiana is known for its fresh fish and an abundance of seafood. In Baton Rouge, one sushi restaurant has a special way of bringing those to the table.

Honoring our veterans: Former military receive honor medals for their service

They risk their lives to keep us safe. They're our veterans. Twelve local veterans were honored for their hard work and their sacrifices Thursday.

Sago palm killing pets: whole plant is poisonous to both animals and humans

A local plant that can be found in your backyard is killing pets across the south.

Researchers attempt to de-bunk common crawfish myths

For many in South Louisiana, the crawfish boil is an art, passed down for generations.

Making a change: local pastor wants to help lower Louisiana's incarceration rate

Louisiana has more people in jail, per capita, than in any other state, but a local pastor is trying to change that.

Water lingers on lawns near Amite River

People along the Amite River are watching the water levels closely. Wet weather caused the water levels to rise and creep closer to their property.

Denham Springs family moves forward after fire destroys home

Imagine losing every material possession you have to a fire. Baby photos, mementos and memories all gone in an instant. That's what happened over the weekend to one Denham Springs family.