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BR woman, 'LSU's oldest fan' celebrates 100th birthday on Christmas

While many are still soaking in Christmas day, December 25th is another special milestone for Tina Bonanno.  "[I'm] 100. They say I don't look my age...Do I?" she laughed.

Volunteers give back to the less fortunate for Christmas

Christmas is a day we spend time with family and open plenty of gifts, but it's also a time for giving. The Beaugh family spends every Christmas helping to feed the less fortunate in their community.

Last-minute holiday travelers make their way

In the wake of Christmas Eve, lots of folks are on the road or in the air to see loved ones.

Locals are fed up with the O'Neal Lane construction, businesses are severly suffering

The construction on O’Neal Lane has been going on for a long time.  It has residents and businesses up in arms. The construction is part of the cities Green Light Plan and locals are ready for it to be over with.

Iberville couple gets an early Christmas surprise

An Iberville Parish couple got an early Christmas gift. Their baby girl came two months early. Get this, she wasn't born at a hospital, but in the back of her dad's car.

Two families in need get a special gift

Two families in need got an early surprise from some of Santa's helpers tonight. A Baton Rouge substance abuse center presented them with an early Christmas gift to help them get back on their feet.

2BRokeGuys encourage you to give back this holiday season

Christmas is only a couple of days away, but if you're on a budget, there are still things you can do to enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

Waste Management workers to the rescue

A couple of Livingston Parish Waste Management workers are now heroes. Sheronda Jones and Craig Polk work for Waste Management. Every day is pretty much the same, until one day everything changed.

Volunteer organizations urge community to give of their time all year long

If you’ve thought about volunteering your time this holiday season, you’re not alone, that’s why some organizations are hoping you keep that spirit of giving through the whole year.

Hidden cemetery concerns neighbors

A park sits on old hammond highway.  It's full of life, but just a few yards away, neighbors say it's a different story.

Central family uses Christmas spirit to raise money for family of special needs child

It is hard to miss the big Christmas light display across from Central Middle School. But the show is not as big as the impact it will have on one family.

Late start leads to constant rewards for local Marine

Andrew Nackley passed a big milestone when he earned his promotion to Staff Sergeant earlier this month. "The level of responsibility goes up considerably," he stated.

Louisianans weigh in about Duck Dynasty star’s dismissal

For some hearing Phil Robertson was suspended from A&E's hit 'Duck Dynasty' for comments about homosexuality, gave them something to quack about.

Baton Rouge writing organization needs your help

A Baton Rouge arts organization is asking for your help. They're trying to highlight the importance of writing for children. They're hoping to raise $15,000 over the next month.

Drivers practice more caution after deadly 21 car pile-up

For many a deadly 21 car pile-up early Tuesday Morning has served as a wake-up call to be even more careful on the roads. For some drivers it's the fog that gets them early in the morning.