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Report: Louisiana has highest rate of gun deaths in the nation

A new report says Louisiana has a higher rate of gun deaths than every other state in the country.

CATS takes part in dump the pump day

CATS passengers were elated to find out they didn't have to pay to ride today. Especially for the regulars, where public transportation is a necessity.

'Wake-Up Call': BR mom writes book to help people grieve

Just the idea of losing a child is heartbreaking. For a woman right here in Baton Rouge, it's her reality. But in the midst of her darkness, she found a way to help other people find the light.

Baton Rouge has some of the highest car insurance rates in the country

"High number of crashes, our road conditions, with two universities here in Baton Rouge, we have a lot of young drivers. Inexperienced drivers."

'Stay Alive. Don't Drive.': BR officials launch new campaign

Here's a phrase to remember tonight,"Stay alive. Don't drive." That's the name of a program city officials want to push. As I found out, it's all about keeping you safe.

Man rescues 15-month-old baby spotted crawling down Georgia road

Long ago, Bryant Collins learned the value of choosing the right path. "I've been in a lot of bad situations," he admits.

Underwood gunman still at large

A gunman is still at large after a shooting last night on Underwood avenue. The victim has been identified as 28-year-old, Jeffrey Francois of Baton Rouge. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jalen Mills challenges battery charges

Jalen Mills and his attorney plan to challenge charges claiming that he punched a women in her face leaving her unconscious with four stiches. Mills was arrested on wednesday and charged with second degree battery.

New Army recruits get ready for basic training

Thirty new Army recruits recited their enlistment oath Friday at Perkins Rowe. Right now, they're gearing up for basic training.

Help from public reunites lost girl with mother

A young girl is back with her mother today, thanks to people like you.

Swimming safety: Local swim instructors give tips to keep you safe this summer

It's almost summer time and a lot of you are already hitting the pools, but remember to be careful. Drowning deaths happen more often than we realize, but officials say knowing how to swim could help prevent this.

Boston doctors use rare procedure to deliver twins 24 days apart

When Lindalva DaSilva's unborn twins were in danger, doctors performed a rare and risky procedure - delivering one twin while giving the other more time to keep growing.

Elizabeth Smart shares inspiring story of courage to local teens

Local girls got a great lesson in courage from someone has overcome a terrifying situation.

LSU students react to Jalen Mills' arrest

"I do think that when incidents happen like this they should not be on the team at all because it happens way to much and they get away with way too much." That was the reaction from LSU Junior, Bethany Beraux upon hearing of Wednesda

Local leaders join mother of murder victim to pledge to stop domestic violence

A local woman is using her pain to try to save other families. On the anniversary of her daughter's death, law enforcement and city leaders promised to help Theolonious Gage stop domestic violence.