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BR teacher turns fitness journey into a blog, inspiring people across the country

We've all heard of those stories where someone goes from being out-of-shape to fit. Well, this one's a little different.

Icy conditions affect airways; flight delays, cancellations

"We were flying to Helena, Montana to see our son," said one family,  but they couldn't even hit the air because they were stuck here, at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

Driving instructor warns commuters not to be over-confident on ice

After a night of snow, sleet, and sub-freezing temperatures, road conditions may be dangerous as you leave for work this morning.

Nearly 500 BR students attended 'March for Life' in Washington, D.C.

It was a welcome back worth waiting for Thursday.

LSU PD prepared and ready for emergency situations

College campuses are on high alert after a man was gunned down on Purdue University’s campus earlier this week, and another scare put Oklahoma University on lockdown.

BR man redefines what it means to be an athlete

For athletes, it's the thrill of the race or that big game, adrenaline pumping, as they push themselves to the limit. Well, for one local man, his ability to compete in his sport changed in an instant when he lost both of his legs.

Missouri first grader shaves head in honor of cancer-stricken friend

At Central Elementary in Union, Missouri, the best teachers may just be two students. "They are both individually incredible," said first grade teacher Adrienne Koester.

FRWC discusses efforts to restore False River

The False River Watershed Council (FRWC) hosted an open house meeting to update people living near the False River on their efforts to restore the lake.

'Ban the Box' movement heads to the state capitol

It's a little box to check on almost every employment application, ‘have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?’ It's an easy question to answer, but for thousands of former inmates it can mean the end of their sea

President addresses issue of sexual assault: local students speak out about the issue

With all the talk concerning sexual assaults in the area lately, local college students are speaking out about it.

Mother of murdered teen turns to community for help

The mother of a teen gunned down on St. Joseph Street in Baton Rouge is asking for assistance.

Local men develop new device that plays music underwater: only one of its kind

From hurricanes, to fishing and even boating on the Mississippi, water is a part of every day life in Louisiana. Now, an invention designed and developed by Louisiana natives is about take the nation by storm.

BR AIDS advocates ask barber shops for help pairing kids with mentors

A visit to the barbershop or hair salon can make someone look a little better, but it can also transform a young person's life.

Violent 'knockout game' hits home; BR boy suffers concussion, cuts

He dreams of becoming an engineer, loves computers, and even knows Kung Fu,  but right now, this twelve year old can't do any of those things.

Local group helps homeowner get easier way to leave home

Mary Lee Johnson lived at her home on St. Joseph Street for more than 40 years, but now recently she's had trouble getting off her porch.